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The Gospel of Matthew

The book L'Injil is first and foremost the Gospel, that is, the biblical text. Matthew's account was chosen for its gradual revelation of the person and work of Jesus and its suitability for a reader with a Muslim background.



Throughout the book, culturally-sensitive commentaries guide Muslim readers as they discover the person of Jesus. These commentaries punctuate each chapter, highlighting key concepts and enabling readers by the end of the book to fully understand the message of the amazing grace offered by Jesus Christ.

The introduction encourages the reader to continue, and offers a summary of the message of the Old Testament - the key to a proper understanding of the Injil. Terms and customs unfamiliar to the Muslim world are briefly explained in footnotes.

Apologetic supplements

  • "How can Jesus be the Son of God?" 

  • "Has the Injil been corrupted?" And more

A short section at the end of the book addresses questions that are typically asked by Muslims to Christians, and which deserve well-considered answers.


The aesthetic codes of Islam

In Islam, the Gospel is a holy book, just like the Quran. The Muslim reader therefore expects a familiar experience when reading the Injil, and if this is not found the book can lose its credibility. Thus, the style of L'Injil seeks to adapt as much as possible to the cultural codes of Islam, without any compromise on the content.

The audio book

Many Muslim-majority countries have an oral culture, and books are rarely used. This is why audio resources are invaluable. The recording of L’Injil in this format should therefore be undertaken as soon as possible after the translation phase.

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