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The Injil of Jesus the Messiah

The Gospel for your Muslim friends

A perfect gift

Looking to introduce your Muslim friends to your Christian faith?
This edition of the Gospel of Matthew is the perfect gift! (In French only for now).
Chapter after chapter, in a style adapted to the Muslim culture, relevant commentaries guide readers in their discovery of the biblical text. Gradually, your friends will discover the true identity of Jesus the Messiah, and his powerful work of salvation for humanity!

Translation of the back cover


According to the commandments of the Quran, every Muslim must believe in the Injil (Gospel).
But how can you know its message? You can ask for advice from others, try to choose one of the many books written on the subject, or... read the Injil itself!
This modern edition will guide you step by step, with commentaries designed to help you understand the key points of each chapter.
You will discover why this book has changed the lives of millions of believers around the world!

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